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Past Edition


The undiscovered country: therapeutic targeting of carbon dioxide levels in critically ill patients

Alistair D Nichol

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 81-82

A wash twice a day keeps MRSA away?

Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 83-85

Point of View

The search for biomarkers in the critically ill: a cautionary tale

John L Moran, Patricia J Solomon

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 85-93


Hypercapnia and hypercapnic acidosis in sepsis: harmful, beneficial or unclear?

Ravindranath Tiruvoipati, Sachin Gupta, David Pilcher, Michael Bailey

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 94-100

Original Articles

Ventilation management in Victorian intensive care unit patients without acute respiratory distress syndrome

Christopher T Eyeington, Nick Simpson, Vineet Sarode, Angus Richardson, Charles Dunnachie, Marco Crisman, Jason Musci, Nicholas Woinarski, Rohan Lynham, Glenn M Eastwood, Rinaldo Bellomo, Neil J Glassford, Dharshi Karalapillai, Jai Darvall, Andrew Casamento, Tim Haydon, Gopal Taori, Cameron Knott, Forbes McGain, Joseph Vetro

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 101-108

Impact of unit-wide chlorhexidine bathing in intensive care on bloodstream infection and drug-resistant organism acquisition

Karen F Urbancic, Johan Mårtensson, Neil Glassford, Christopher Eyeington, Raymond Robbins, Peter B Ward, Darren Williams, Paul DR Johnson, Rinaldo Bellomo

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 109-116

Sample size calculations for cluster randomised crossover trials in Australian and New Zealand intensive care research

Sarah J Arnup, Joanne E McKenzie, David Pilcher, Rinaldo Bellomo, Andrew B Forbes

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 117-123

The comparative effects of 3% saline and 0.5M sodium lactate on cardiac function:a randomised, crossover study in volunteers

Marek Nalos, Euguenia Kholodniak, Louise Smith, Sam Orde, Iris Ting, Michel Slama, Ian Seppelt, Anthony S McLean, Stephen Huang

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 124-130

Fluid bolus therapy in critically ill children: a survey of practice among paediatric intensive care doctors in Australia and New Zealand

Ben Gelbart, Marino Festa, , Luregn Schlapbach, Anusha Ganeshalingham, Subodh Ganu, Simon Erickson, Felix Oberender, Monsurul Hoq, Gary Williams, Shane George

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 131-138

Permissive Hypercapnia, Alveolar Recruitment and Low Airway Pressure (PHARLAP): a protocol for a phase 2 trial in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

Carol Hodgson, Shay McGuinness, Lynne Murray, Rachael Parke, David Tuxen, Shirley Vallance, Meredith Young, Alistair D Nichol, , David (Jamie) Cooper, Yaseen Arabi, Victoria Bennett, Andrew Bersten, Kathy Brickell, Andrew Davies, Ciara Fahey, John Fraser

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 139-149

Systematic Review

Effect of active temperature management on mortality in intensive care unit patients

Jonathan Dallimore, Paul Young, Stefan Ebmeier, Darmiga Thayabaran, Rinaldo Bellomo, Gordon Bernard, Frédérique Schortgen, Manoj Saxena, Richard Beasley, Mark Weatherall

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 150-163

Technical Note

Repeated sensor use for regional cerebral oxygenation measurements by near-infrared spectroscopy: a technical report

Paolo Ancona, Christopher T Eyeington, Salvatore L Cutuli, Neil J Glassford, Glenn M Eastwood, Rinaldo Bellomo

Crit Care Resusc 2018; 20 (2): 164-167