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Past Edition


Starch solutions in Australia: the empire strikes back

Rinaldo Bellomo

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 253-254

Is maintenance fluid therapy in need of maintenance?

David J Gattas, Manoj K Saxena

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 255-256

Can social media bridge the gap between research and practice?

Paul J Young, Christopher P Nickson, Dashiell C Gantner

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 257-259

Original Articles

Intensive care unit mobility practices in Australia and New Zealand: a point prevalence study

Susan C Berney, Megan Harrold, Steven A Webb, Ian Seppelt, Shane Patman, Peter J Thomas, Linda Denehy

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 260-265

Missed medical emergency team activations: tracking decisions and outcomes in practice

Jessica L Guinane, Tracey K Bucknall, Judy Currey, Daryl A Jones

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 266-272

Mortality of rapid response team patients in Australia: a multicentre study

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 273-278

Statistical analysis plan for the HEAT trial: a multicentre randomised placebo-controlled trial of intravenous paracetamol in intensive care unit patients with fever and infection

Paul J Young, Shay P McGuinness, Diane Mackle, John A Myburgh, Steve A R Webb, Richard W Beasley, , Mark Weatherall, Manoj K Saxena, Rinaldo Bellomo, Ross C Freebairn, Naomi E Hammond, Frank MP van Haren, Seton J Henderson, Colin J McArthur

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 279-286

Oxygen therapy in non-intubated adult intensive care patients: a point prevalence study

Rachael L Parke, Glenn M Eastwood, Shay P McGuinness, ,

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 287-293

Sodium administration in critically ill patients in Australia and New Zealand: a multicentre point prevalence study

Shailesh Bihari, Sandra L Peake, Ian Seppelt, Patricia Williams, Andrew Bersten, ,

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 294-300

Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock (ProCESS) statistical analysis plan

Francis Pike, Donald M Yealy, John A Kellum, David T Huang, Amber E Barnato, Tammy L Eaton, Derek C Angus, Lisa A Weissfeld,

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 301-310

The Protocolised Management in Sepsis (ProMISe) trial statistical analysis plan

G Sarah Power, David A Harrison, Paul R Mouncey, Tiffany M Osborn, Sheila E Harvey, Kathryn M Rowan

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 311-317

Intensive care unit occupancy after introduction of the emergency department 4-hour discharge rule at a tertiary referral hospital in Western Australia

Peter V van Heerden, John A Blott, Mary Pinder, Peter D Cameron, Brigit L Roberts, Anne Brinkworth, Ilana Stav, Sigal Sviri

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 318-321

Brief Communication

Near-infrared spectroscopy of the thenar eminence to estimate forearm blood flow

Nicholas CZ Woinarski, Satoshi Suzuki, Miklos Lipcsey, Natalie Lumsden, Jaye Chin-Dusting, Antoine G Schneider, Michael Bailey, Rinaldo Bellomo

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 323-326

Brief Report

Assessment of the distribution and professional roles of the new Fellows of the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand

Bala Venkatesh, Ross Freebairn

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 327-328


Patient comfort in the intensive care unit: a multicentre, binational point prevalence study of analgesia, sedation and delirium management

John V Green

Crit Care Resusc 2013; 15 (4): 329-329