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Past Edition


Is it time for permissive hypoxaemia in the intensive care unit?

Gilles Capellier, Rakshit Panwar

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 139-141

Permissive hypercapnia in acute respiratory distress syndrome - is now the time to get strict?

Alistair D Nichol

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 142-143

Original Articles

The predictive ability of a weighted systemic inflammatory response syndrome score for microbiologically confirmed infection in hospitalised patients with suspected sepsis

Nai An Lai, Peter Kruger

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 146-150

Comparison of central venous pressure and venous oxygen saturation from venous catheters placed in the superior vena cava or via a femoral vein: the numbers are not interchangeable

Christopher J Groombridge, Darrel Duplooy, Brandon D Adams, Eldho Paul, Warwick Butt

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 151-155

A pilot study of the epidemiology and associations of pulse pressure variation among non-cardiac surgery critically ill patients

Rinaldo Bellomo, In Byung Kim, Nigel Fealy, Ian Baldwin

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 156-161

Antecedents to cardiac arrests in a hospital equipped with a medical emergency team

Daryl A Jones, Joseph Vetro, Dinesh K Natarajan, Inga Mercer, Jon N Buckmaster, Melodie Heland, Graeme K Hart, Rinaldo Bellomo

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 162-166

A retrospective cohort study of the effect of medical emergency teams on documentation of advance care directives

Cameron I Knott, Alex J Psirides, Paul J Young, Dalice Sim

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 167-174

Medical reviews before cardiac arrest, medical emergency call or unanticipated intensive care unit admission: their nature and impact on patient outcome

Arthas Flabouris, Rebecca M Trinkle

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 175-180

Paracetamol therapy for septic critically ill patients: a retrospective observational study

Rinaldo Bellomo, Sashika Selladurai, Glenn M Eastwood, Michael Bailey

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 181-186

Case Reports

Candida sake candidaemia in non-neutropenic critically ill patients: a case series

Deven Juneja, Apurba K Borah, Prashant Nasa, Omender Singh, Yash Javeri, Rohit Dang

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 187-191

Cardiac arrest complicating neostigmine use for bowel opening in a critically ill patient

Lesley Maher, Paul J Young

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 192-193


A systematic review of the accuracy of peripheral thermometry in estimating core temperatures among febrile critically ill patients

Sarah Jefferies, Mark Weatherall, Paul Young, Richard Beasley

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 194-199

Point of View

Subclinical acute kidney injury: a novel biomarkerdefined syndrome

Sean M Bagshaw

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 201-203

Product Review

Medical crisis management: improving performance under pressure

Sam Radford

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 204-204


Echocardiography training at the University of Queensland

Robyn Moss, Christopher Joyce, Sudhir Wahi

Crit Care Resusc 2011; 13 (3): 205-205