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Past Edition


Critical care medicine in Australia and New Zealand: an extraordinary decade

Rinaldo Bellomo

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 3-4

Position Statement

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock: 2008 and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS)

Peter Hicks, D James Cooper, on behalf of the ANZICS Board and the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group Executive Committee

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 6-8

Original Articles

Predicted body weight during mechanical ventilation: using arm demispan to aid clinical assessment

Adam M Deane, David A Reid, Antony E Tobin

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 9-14

Acute stress ulceration prophylaxis: point prevalence surveys in intensive care units in Victoria, 1997 and 2005

Megan S Robertson, Stuart J Wilson, John F Cade

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 15-18

Fencl–Stewart analysis of acid–base changes immediately after liver transplantation

David A Story, Rakesh Vaja, Stephanie J Poustie, Larry McNicol

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 19-23

Improving the documentation of medical emergency team reviews

Andrew J Casamento, Catherine Dunlop, Daryl A Jones, Graeme Duke

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 24-29

Long-distance transport of critically ill children on extracorporeal life support in Australia

Armando Perez, Warwick W Butt, Kenneth J Millar, Derek Best, Timothy Thiruchelvam, Andrew D Cochrane, Martin Bennett, Lara S Shekerdemian

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 30-34


Critical care outcome prediction equation (COPE) for adult intensive care

Graeme J Duke, John Santamaria, Frank Shann, Peter Stow, David Pilcher, David Ernest, Carol George

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 35-41

Survey of adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) practice and attitudes among Australian and New Zealand intensivists

Stuart L Hastings, Vincent A Pellegrino, Arthur Preovolos, Robert F Salamonsen

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 42-46

Basic science research in Australian intensive care practice

Gordon A Laurie, Bala Venkatesh, Peter S Kruger, T John Morgan, Ranald L S Pascoe

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 47-51

Case Reports

Infective endocarditis with Abiotrophia defectiva: the first Australian experience

Anthony F Van Assche, Dianne P Stephens

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 53-54

Intensive care in an unusual setting: management of pneumonia in a chimpanzee

Alex J Psirides, Peter R Hicks

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 55-58


Design of Australasian intensive care units: time for change or time for more research?

Winston Cheung

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 59-70


A clinical audit of the efficacy of tegaserod as a prokinetic agent in the intensive care unit

Adam Deane, Robert Young, Marianne Chapman, Robert Fraser, Dianne P Stephens,, Jane H Thomas, Sarah J Collins, Paul B Goldrick, Stephen Fowler

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 71-71

Is there a place for levosimendan in the intensive care unit?

Bart L De Keulenaer, Ian R Jenkins, Anthony Delaney, Celia Bradford, John McCaffrey, Sean M Bagshaw, Richard Lee

Crit Care Resusc 2008; 10 (1): 72-72